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For over 26-years, Lighting Analysts have been involved in the design and analysis of both natural and artificial lighting applications. Whether designing a building to maximise natural light, or designing an artificial lighting scheme, we work closely with the design team following the RIBA design stages.

RIBA STAGE 1 - Consultation & Design Briefing

The initial stage of the project will enable Lighting Analysts to be introduced to the proposed project, discuss client requirements, and together form a brief for the development of the lighting design.

RIBA STAGE 2 - Concept Design

Working from the client brief, and collaboratively with the rest of the design team, Lighting Analysts will prepare conceptual lighting ideas to form the Concept Design.

RIBA STAGE 3 - Design Development

Once the Concept Design has been agreed, the Design Development expands on the conceptual ideas to develop a buildable design and to test if the design can be achieved within the budget.

RIBA STAGE 4 - Technical Design

The Technical Design focuses on engineering the design into a realistic lighting scheme, which meets the requirements of the brief, whilst adhering to the relevant standards & best practise guidance. The Technical Design process involves the specification of lighting equipment and detailing of the lighting design by way of CAD drawings & design details to enable construction, wiring and installation.



Lighting Analysts provide a diverse range of services, covering all aspects of architectural lighting, providing a creative + technical fusion of art + science:

  • Daylight Design & Analysis
  • Climate-based Daylight Modelling
  • Lighting Design & Engineering
  • Lighting Calculation & Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessments…