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Since 1998, Lighting Analysts Ltd (LAL) have been the European reseller for Lighting Analysts Inc (LAI) software products. We provide direct sales & support from our London office. 

Stand-alone software for any lighting application

Complete lighting analysis inside Autodesk Revit

Report, edit, convert luminaire photometric files

Web-based calculations for manufacturers website integration

Batch process photometric IES files for manufacturers

Cloud-based search engine for photometric data

Latest News

29-Jul-2020 07:57
AGi32 File Compatibility
The current version of AGi32 will open all files from previous versions unless specifically stated otherwise in the File Compatibility table

22-Jul-2020 11:53
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14-Jul-2020 13:11
*** NEW *** AGi32 Relaxed Pace Intro Class!
The same AGi32 Introductory course material but with a slower paced schedule (16 hours vs. 12 hours). Perfect for those who are new to the lighting industry, lighting software, or simply wish to take their time through class. Instruction is available online only.
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04-Jun-2020 08:13
Working At Home: Problem with some dialogs not appearing?
Dialog may actually be off screen. This is generally as a result of disconnecting an external monitor on a laptop or working with a different monitor configuration than at work. Pressing the Esc key should close the dialog.

To resolve: Select Tools-System Settings and click on Reset All Dialog Locations/Size button on the Defaults tab!

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Lighting Analysts Ltd provide frontline support to UK & European users. If you have a support request, you can contact our London office, or alternatively you can submit a support request directly to LAI. Please note, LAI offices are based in Colorado, USA (GMT-7).

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Lighting Analysts Inc website provides a wealth of information relating to their software products. For those wishing to learn AGI32 or ElumTools, please see the dedicated online training courses: