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With over 26 years in the architectural lighting industry, Lighting Analysts Ltd is a creative + technical lighting consultancy, fusing both the art + science of light.

We have a broad range of knowledge covering all aspects of lighting; from our fundamental understanding of light and how it interacts with the natural and built environments; how light impacts on our health & well-being; the importance of natural light upon our circadian rhythm; the benefits of living and working under the right lighting conditions; the way light can influence mood & perception; the impact light has upon the environment.

We provide a diverse range of services from Daylight Design & Analysis, Climate-based Daylight Modelling, Lighting Design, Lighting Calculation & Analysis, Visualisation,  Planning & Development, Environmental Impact Assessments...



Chris Jackson

MSc / Lighting Consultant / Director

Chris Jackson is a lighting professional with over 28-years experience in the architectural lighting industry. Chris started his career as a lighting designer (1992 - 1999) before graduating from The Bartlett, University College London (1999) MSc: Lighting & Lighting course.

He continued to work at The Bartlett, UCL (1998-2011) as a Research Fellow, setting up and running, together with Professor Peter Raynham, the UK’s first variable luminance artificial sky, which enables the analysis of daylight in 3D physical models.

He also ran The Bartlett in-house lighting consultancy, simulating and analysing light within 3D computer models. Chris also engaged in lighting research and taught subjects such as Fundamentals, Daylight, Lighting Design & Software.

Continuing to pioneer the use of Climate-based Daylight Modelling, Chris (LAL) has worked on the design and analysis of more than 115 new school developments in England, over the past 5-years. He also provides advice to the DfE on the development of Generic Design Brief for schools.

Uma Jackson

MA / Director


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