BREEAM HEA1 Health & Well Being aims to ensure daylighting, artificial lighting and occupant controls are considered at the design stage to ensure best practice visual performance and comfort for building occupants.

Daylight (1-2 credits) requirements are dependent on building type. For working space such as classrooms, offices and other such occupied spaces require an average daylight factor of between 1.5 ~ 3% across 60% ~ 80% of the occupied spaces, with a minimum uniformity of 0.4 or a minimum daylight factor of 0.8%.

Retails spaces require a minimum daylight factor of 2% across 35% of the floor area, with an exemplary level set at 2% across 50% of the floor area for an innovation credit.

Lighting Analysts provide design & analysis services in accordance with the requirements of BREEAM HEA1, using 3D computer models coupled with the latest daylight simulation software (AGI32 & Radiance) to accurately analyse daylight within the built environment.